Friday, 2 December 2011

I am alive... honest!

Hi bloggers and bloggettes!

Well I know it has been an age since I posted anything - my life has been going at 100 miles an hour and work has been a HUGE part of that.  So after delivering some HUGE projects, I went through a restructure and I got a promotion!!!  It starts in January and I am hoping to have a few calm weeks until I have to learn my new job and hopefully that'll mean I can get some creations posted.  I am following you all though :)  I love seeing what you make.

Also had a nice parcel yesterday!  Provocraft had cause to say "sorry" to me (it's a long story!) and they sent me three cartridges!!  I got Art Philosophy, Winter Woodland and Simply Charmed.  I haven't liberated them from their plastic yet so that is on my list of things to do tonight :)

I am really looking forward to my weekend - we'll go to Solihull and pick up some final Christmas presents, then come home and put the tree up :)  I also want to go to Lakeland to get some decorations for our new house - I can't wait to see this place all festive :)

I hope you're all ok anyway - keep posting!

Kat x

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