Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mum's Birthday Present!

Are you sitting comfortably?  I have a tale to tell you.

Me: "Hi Mum - any ideas about what you want for your birthday"
Mum: "hmm.. some kind of knitting bag/Basket"
Me: "Ok, no probs, i'll find a nice one for you"

Kat calls up the internet on her laptop and gets searching for the lovely birthday knitting bag/basket
Me: "hm..."
clicks some more...
Me: "nope.."
clicks some more
Me: "nope.."

*Finds a friend online*  ... "Lou, Mum has asked for a knitting bag/basket and i am looking and they are all disgusting!"

Lovely Lou: "Kat, I know this lovely lady called Emma who is a fabby sewer - let me find you her details"

I click on the Sew Sweet website.... ooh.. this lady is goooood.  She has made these really sweet little mug organisers that you slip over a mug.  I think I'll email her...

Any to cut a long story short...

Emma designed this and made it and my mum LOVES IT!

I always say.. give credit where credit is due, and here, I think credit is very much due!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A couple of Mother's Day cards

This one, I made using my new Owl punch - just very simple, clean and cute.  One of the sentiment boxes is a bit wonky but I actually quite like it :)

This next one is actually a re-design of a card that I made a few years ago for my own mum - I really love this tree stamp set - it's called "A Tree for all Seasons" and is now retired, so if you spot it on ebay, snap it up because its one of my 'go to' stamp sets - very versatile!