Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some cards!

Hello folks - and here you were thinking I had completely ignored my new years resolution of doing one card a week.  I certainly haven't been doing one card a week (my workload just doesn't allow it!) but I have been making a few =)

This little card is for my boyfriend's best mate who gave him a life into central London after the snow was trying to make getting back to Birmingham from Colchester very, very hard indeed!

I really enjoyed making this one.  For another of my boyfriend's best friends with a huge soft spot for Minnie Mouse :)  It's his birthday card but I left off a sentiment from the outside so he could leave the card up.

I made a few of these for the valentines orders that I had.  I am almost out of the lovely cherry paper now which is sad because it's GORGEOUS and now out of print.  It's from the "Rockabilly" DSP series from Stampin Up.

Anyway my lovelies, I smell that my jacket potatoes are almost ready for our late lunch so i'm going to go and prod them :)

Kat xxx